Our company has started its activities in the sector in 1998 in Ankara. Our company, which has been serving in Etimesgut in Ankara in the period it was founded, continues its activities in OSTIM OIZ, which is the center of Industry and Trade in Ankara as of 2019. Our company, which gives importance to sincerity, trust, principles and proper working ethic, to maintain and maintain the sector.

Our main services:

    Water Drilling (Rotary & Muddy),
    Pneumatic Drilling (Foam),
    Geothermal Drilling
    Observation Wells
    Geophysical survey
    Hydro Geology
    Ground Improvement
    Drainage Wells
    Caisson wells
    Well Development
    Mini Pile
    Dam Drilling
    Pond Drilling
    Thermal Power Plant Drilling
    Hydroelectric Power Plant Drilling
    Bridge Legs
    Dam Drying
    Tunnel Ventilation Chimneys & Chimney Drilling and Well Licenses,
    Engineering and Consulting Services
    Submersible Pump
    Pressure Tank Sales & Service, Drilling Pipes
    Serves as Drilling Materials Buying and Selling.

Basing Geothermal Drilling is a company that has been working on a turn-key basis. "We provide all the water needed in Turkey." "20 cm to 80 cm diameters and up to 1200 m deep drilling wells are capable of making."

Drilling is a costly and laborious business .. Which is your valuable investments and expenses.

Drilling is a job that requires technical, experience, talent and professionalism. Our machine park consists of powerful and capacity machines. Your drilling works are carried out by our experienced DSI certified drillers. Capital Drilling never leaves the business and gives the full confidence. BUSINESS BUSINESS ETHICS which is our priority. Occupational health and safety of human beings. As Capital Drilling, we strive to be very meticulous and sensitive to nature and environment. We rely on ourselves. For this reason, we give 5 years. We give this Commitment to all our customers who prefer us. You can ask us for any of our references and you can confirm. Our goal is to do a professional job. We are a company that is aware of the fact that every job is performed professionally. All our customers; We would like to thank our customers for their trust and values. We wish the continuity of their success in business life.

Sincerely ... "Water is the Essence of Everything"