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Water Drilling

Water drilling is one of the most used methods in drilling. Water drilling is preferred to reach the deep water level. Since it is more guaranteed to get successful results in water drilling works in our country, the rate of preference is high. Water drilling is an engineering work. Water drilling is the drilling of a well with air or mud circulation in accordance with the geological structure of the ground. There are some procedures that need to be done before and after drilling the well. After the well is drilled, a project is made in accordance with the hydrological characteristics of the drilled well. If these projects are done carefully and carefully, more accurate and reliable results will be obtained. In the advanced stages of drilling, sheath piping of the well is made with special drill pipes. Success in water drilling is related to finding the right aquifer as soon as possible. Opening a Drilling is a job that requires a lot of attention, and it is a job that requires effort and experience. Our company, with its 22 years of experience in this regard, prevents unnecessary water drillings to be made and allows you to get rid of unnecessary costs.

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